Electrosteel Steel is taking shape of a primary steel producer at Bokaro in the state of Jharkhand. It will be a 2.2 million ton per annum greenfield integrated steel plant


Process Route

The plant will be based on Heat Recovery Coke Oven, linear strand Sinter machine, Grate Kiln Pellet Plant, medium size BFs, Basic Oxygen Furnace, Billet Caster, Wire Rod Mill and Rebar Mill with gas fired reheating furnace for production of finished steel. The technology for DI Pipe plant will be as per the existing one of the Group.

Following major production and auxiliaries facilities have been envisaged

  • Heat recovery type coke ovens for production of 1,000,000 Metric Ton per Annum gross coke. There will be two different types of configuration of Coke oven such as horizontal and vertical, each with a production capacity of 0.5 MTPA.
  • Two nos 105 m2 linear strand Sinter machines to produce required sinter of basicity 1.8 to 2 at an hourly production of 1.4 to 1.8 t/m2/hr.
  • One grate kiln type pellet plant of 1.2 MTPA capacity has been conceptualized. All the pellets will be charged into the Blast Furnace.
  • 2X1050 m3 Blast Furnaces for production of hot metal for steel making. The Blast Furnace charge mix will be combination of high percentage Sinter & Pellet and balance lump ore. The BF will have modern features like high top pressure, stave cooling, carbon lining etc. The BFs will be provided with PCI system at a rate of 160 Kg/thm.. There will be another BF of 350 m3 capacity which will be dedicated for DI Plant. Two pig casting machines of 2400 T/day has been considered for the Integrated Steel Plant.
  • Steel Melt Shop for production of liquid steel comprises 2x60 T BOFs and 2x5-Strand billet caster for production of billets. The shops will have space provision in the layout to include secondary metallurgical treatment of liquid steel.
  • One Wire Rod Mill (WRM) with a production capacity of 500,000 TPA of wire rod in the range of 5.5 mm to 16 mm has been considered. The mill will have provision for production of rebar in straight lengths and coils. BF gas will be used as fuel for the reheating furnace.
  • A bar mill of capacity 700,000 TPA in the range of 16 mm to 32 mm diameter has been envisaged. BF gas will be used as fuel for the reheating furnace. The mill will have capacity to roll plain rounds upto 65 mm diameter.
  • One DI Pipe plant with a capacity of 330,000 TPA has been planned which has products ranging from 80 mm to 1400 mm diameter.
  • A captive Power plant of capacity 2X60 MW has been considered to be installed. There will be 4 Waste Heat Recovery Boilers (WHRB) having capacity 75 T/h (each), which generate steam by utilizing the sensible heat of flue gases coming out of the Heat Recovery Coke Ovens.

There will be 3 Coal Fired Boilers having capacity of 130 T/h each, which generates steam of the same characteristics of the steam coming out of WHRB and will be passed through a common header.

There will be steam driven turbo blowers for Blast Furnaces.

  • Support plants like 24,000 Nm3/hr capacity Oxygen plant, 150 TPD Dolomite & 800 TPD Lime Calcinations plants proposed to be installed.
  • Auxiliary facilities namely Raw Material Handling System, Railway Yard, Electrical Power Distribution System, Water, Utility Systems will also be provided.