Touching lives in and around areas of operation, taking everyone within the folds of inclusive growth.


Corporate Social Responsibility is the guiding force of organizations that look beyond mere profits and Electrosteel is one of them. The Electrosteel Group firmly believes that to a large extent business is dependent on 'Society' for its growth and prosperity.

Electrosteel undertakes a host of activities for social causes that impact people and the quality of their lives. The greatest challenge in the task of social upliftment and rural development is to effectively bridge the gap between the needs of the beneficiaries and existing know how in the field.

Objectives of CSR from Electrosteel Perspective

  • 01.To develop an equitable society by helping to create and foster livelihood opportunities for the underprivileged and marginalized communities.
  • 02.To connect people, especially in and around its working areas, with the benefit of financial provisioning.
  • 03.To impact socio economic life of the lesser privileged in the vicinity of our industry and plug the gap to bring in sustainable development in the operational area, at large.

Role of Electrosteel in Social Sector

  • 01.Electrosteel plays a constructive role in building long term socio-economic capital that works for the lesser privileged
  • 02.To encourage and stimulate community participation
  • 03.To create an enabling environment that promotes mutual trust and benefit for the community and industry

Sparsh TrustAn NGO, promoted and supported by the Electrosteel Group - The Sparsh Trust is the umbrella organization which facilitates the social initiatives of Electrosteel.


The CSR team of Electrosteel has the requisite expertise in the field of social and developmental works. A few of the ongoing programs, which the company directly implements, are in the fields of Education, Water & Sanitation, Promotion of Micro Enterprises, Infrastructure Development, Promotion of Sports etc. amongst others.

Electrosteel aims to follow all norms of Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) as far as sustainability reporting is concerned and is working towards achieving that milestone.

The social needs of the people are taken into consideration while designing programmes and People's participation is encouraged. This ensures that projects are need based and community centered before taking up their implementation.