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Globally, we aim to remain the first choice
in the market by becoming an
international benchmark.

Electrosteel Castings Limited

Growing from strength to strength over half a century, Electrosteel Castings Limited is inspired by a strong legacy and motivated by the vision to remain world-class through a focus on quality products and quality services. Today the Company is India's leading pipeline solution provider. It has a strong brand presence around the globe and has one prevailing aim - to remain the first choice in the market segment by becoming an international benchmark. An industry pioneer in India, Electrosteel has always remained the distinct choice for water engineers and domain experts in Ductile Iron Pipes and Fittings.

Apart from meeting the growing demand for DI Pipes in India successfully, Electrosteel has established a strong foothold in the international markets. It caters to a large customer base in 35 countries spread across the Indian subcontinent, South East Asia and the Middle East, Europe, USA, South America and Africa.

The Company's first manufacturing facility at Khardah is now into production of Ductile Iron Pipes, DI Fittings and Pig Iron. CI spun pipes are now manufactured at the Company facility in Elavur (Tamil Nadu) while Low Ash Metallurgical Coke (LAMC), is produced at the Industrial Unit at Haldia (West Bengal).

Driven by Technology

The Company appreciates the value of evolving technology and takes proactive initiatives to nurture it within the organization. It has geared itself by facilitating advanced R&D activities in every area of application to develop best engineered products.

People Power

Electrosteel is powered by a well-bonded committed team of professionals that is completely equipped to understand the customer's priority. Therefore, committed to maintain good governance, the Company has well delineated strategies to ascertain all round development in the future.