Internal Protection System - Cement Mortar Lining

Normally, all pipes are supplied with centrifugally applied internal Cement Mortar Lining.

Advantages of Cement Mortar Lining (CML)

  • Centrifugally applied CML provides higher Hazen William’s C value of 140 minimum
  • Reduces frictional head loss and pumping cost
  • CML passivates the pipe wall against corrosion by the alkaline reaction of cement
  • It prevents pitting and tuberculation of pipes and stops the production of red water
  • Helps to maintain same flow area and co-efficient of friction over a long period of time

Seal Coat on Cement Lining

When specified, the Cement Mortar Lining is given a Seal Coat of Synthetic Resin as per ISO 16132 AWWA : C 151, C 110, C 153.