At Electrosteel, our CSR initiatives are designed as per the needs of the society, to create a long-lasting impact and change the lives of the people for the better.

Focusing on health, education empowerment, infrastructure development and sports, we reinforce our responsibility towards making a sustainable difference in the areas in which we operate.
Encouraging a culture of employee volunteerism, the Company is supported by its workforce to meet its CSR goals. Regular CSR activities are organized and spearheaded by the employees to build a strong community connection.

At Electrosteel, we strongly believe that one of the greatest and long last legacies we can offer to the local communities is education. We take active initiatives to improve educational infrastructure and encourage more and more children to go to school.

Some of these education initiatives include -

  • Financial support to ensure continuous infrastructural development at local schools and educational institutes
  • Encouraging talent by rewarding good and bright students
  • Health and Safety Awareness initiatives for local school children