Electrolock Joint

Electrosteel now offers boltless self-restraining joint system both for pipes and fittings, known as Electrolock Joint.

This double socket joint uses the same gasket as the traditional push on joint with a second chamber providing anchorage through use of a weld bead and locking ring.

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Trenchless laying of
Electrosteel DI pipes

With increasing urbanization, it has become necessary to lay pipelines without disturbing the urban infrastructure (pedestrian, road & rail networks etc.) and therefore trenchless laying is becoming a necessity. Electrosteel Ductile Iron pipe (DI) with boltless Electrolock joint can be used for trenchless laying by Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD).

The proven and reliable Electrolock Restrained Joint ensures quick and easy assembly with the great strength needed for the toughest trenchless jobs.

Polyurethane lining
as per EN15655

Electrosteel manufactures Ductile Iron pipes with internal polyurethane (PU) lining that provides a chemically inert and highly durable polymeric lining applicable for a variety of water and waste water transmission requirements.


  • Good adherence with the Pipe offering more durable lining
  • High abrasion and scratch resistance
  • Better resistance to chemical (acid, alkali, organic) attack
  • Suitable for water and waste water having pH between 1 and 13
  • Smooth internal surface leading to lesser fluid friction
  • Suitable for water at operating temperatures up to 45°C

Ductile Iron Pipes with
Polyurethane Coating as per EN 15189

External Polyurethane (PU) coating system applied on Ductile Irion pipes is one of the most durable pipe protection system offered by Electrosteel. It provides a thick and chemically inert barrier coating with exceptionally high abrasion resistance, ideally suited for water and wastewater applications in most aggressive soil condition.

Special features

  • Can be laid ‘as it is’ since the coating is factory applied
  • Better resistance to galvanic corrosion in aggressive soil
  • More resistance to external chemical (acid/alkali/organic) attack
  • Durable coating with high impact resistance
  • High abrasion/scratch resistance
  • Good adherence with pipe surface
  • Insulates DI Pipes against the effect of stray current
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