Electrosteel manufactures Flange Pipes using all three methods, i.e. Welded-on Flanged Pipes, Screwed-on Flanged Pipes and ‘As Cast’ Flanged Pipes, as per IS 8329, IS 9523, ISO 2531 and EN 545. We also make Flange pipes as per AWWA C115.

Flange Pipe types

Diameter Range Available Pressure Ratings
Welded Flange Pipes
Flanges are welded on either or both ends of the barrel. As per customer requirement, flanges are sometimes welded on the barrel at a point other than the ends which are called Puddle flanges. Dia. 1100 mm. Length- up to 5.0 metres PN 10, PN 16 and PN25 (PN40 on request)
Screwed Flange Pipes
Flanges are screwed on the barrel instead of welding. Dia. 450 mm. Length- up to 5.0 metres PN 10 and PN 16
‘As Cast’ Flange Pipes
Cast as a single unit using advanced Lost Foam technology Dia. 80 to 600 mm PN 10, PN 16, PN25
Note : For product improvement, the dimensions, size range and specification may be changed without prior notice.


Over-ground and exposed installations
Ideal for over-ground pipelines and crossovers (such as on pillars, over a canal or other water bodies, roads, bridges etc.)

Vertical pipelines
Any vertical pipelines used in treatment plants, pump houses, elevated/overhead service reservoirs.

Interconnection and connection for accessories
In pump house and water and sewage treatment plants where, various units and accessories are inter-connected.

As a Restrained Joint
Flanged Joints are rigid but can act as a restrained joint, reducing the requirement of thrust blocks and external restraining devices.

As temporary installations
Applications where pipelines need to be disengaged or transferred from one location to the other.

Flange Pipe

Note: Flanged pipes are not meant for underground installation. Due to the risk of excessive bending moments being imposed, it is recommended that the flanged pipeline is NOT buried.

Advantages of ductile iron flange pipes

Stronger: Ductile Iron Flanged Pipes are much stronger because of its higher tensile strength and better impact resistance.

Higher factor of safety: It offers higher factor of safety against pressure fluctuations, water hammer and outside impacts.

Lighter to use: DI Flange Pipes are lighter compared to CI Flanged pipes, reducing handling and transportation cost.

Negligible breakages in transit and during handling: Does not break on sudden impacts. Loss due to transportation and handling are minimized.

Reduced pumping costs: The Pipes are centrifugally cement mortar lined. This results in a smooth inside surface which reduces friction loss.

Longer life and excellent corrosion resistance: Inside cement mortar lining does not allow corrosion of the internal surface. The external Zinc/Zinc Aluminium finished with Bitumen/Epoxy etc coatings offer robust protection against external corrosion.

Dimensional accuracy & better finish : Centrifugal casting of Flange Pipes ensures uniform wall thickness and excellent surface finish that cannot be achieved in green sand casting due to floating, shifting or deformation of the core