Ductile Iron Fittings - Express Mechanical Joint Fittings

Mechanical Joint fittings come with a flexible joint, where the sealing is obtained by applying pressure to the gasket by mechanical means, viz. a separate gland. The gland when bolted with the pipe exerts pressure on the sealing rubber gasket and makes the joint leak-proof. The pipe socket provides an exterior flange having bolt holes and an internal socket with annular recess for both the gasket and the mating plain end. Accessories consists of a gasket, a flower gland and tee head bolts with hexagonal nuts.

Main advantages are:

    • Offers excellent convenience during jointing. A tee or a connection can be easily inserted into an already laid line, which is difficult with normal push-on joints.
    • Requires very small space during jointing as no pushing is involved.
    • No chamfering of the jointing pipe is required.
    • In case the joint leaks, the bolts can be tightened further to stop leakage.
    • The joint does not need extra equipment to force the spigot into the socket. Only a rachet type spanner is needed to tighten the nuts on the holding bolt.