Electrosteel Jal Sevak Samman 2.0 Winner Speaks

Meet the winners of Electrosteel Jal Sevak Samman 2.0!
The winners of the Jal Sevak Samman 2024 Individual Category are Mr. Aloke Sarkar and Mr. Rajendra Khawas & Mr. Somnath Darjee. Under the Organizational Category, the winners are the Tagore Society for Rural Development, Kolkata and Nature & Adventure Study Group, Cooch Behar. The winners were acknowledged for their remarkable efforts in demonstrating innovative solutions, practical applications and tireless advocacy that significantly impact water sustainability. Our ever-inspiring #WaterWarriors and their impactful work motivate and inspire us all, in 110+ countries we are present in, to continue striving for a better environment where every precious drop of water is appreciated and respected. To view complete PR click here https://shorturl.at/Altpq

Jamboree 2023 at Electrosteel

Jamboree 23-24 was an annual extravaganza where Electrosteel-ians bonded over games, songs, music and culinary delights- to generate great ideas that would take Electrosteel forward. The team immersed in the Spirit of Jamboree at Electrosteel to relive the vibrant energy of Jamboree 23-24. Camaraderie and enthusiasm of the Electrosteel family was experienced as we gather at the Far Pavilion, Tollygunge Club, Kolkata, for an unforgettable celebration.

Electrosteel celebrated #WorldWaterDay2024 in India

Electrosteel's Vibrant Observance of #WorldWaterDay2024 in India Joins the jubilant festivities of Electrosteel Castings Ltd as we commemorate #WorldWaterDay2024 with fervor! Witness our impactful Ghat Clean Up drive, where we partnered with the Kolkata Municipal Corporation to restore cleanliness to the Princep, Baghbazar, and Sovabazar Ghats along the Hooghly River, combating the staggering amounts of plastic litter. Through #FixTheLeak initiative, our dedicated team installed 30 water taps in Kolkata's Rajabazar area, aiming to minimize water wastage. Gratitude to our partners Active Citizens Together for Sustainability (ACTS) and Fix For Life, and heartfelt thanks to all who contributed to marking #WorldWaterDay2024.

Looking Back at the Electrosteel - Jal Sevak Samman Awards 2023

Reflecting on the Remarkable Electrosteel - Jal Sevak Samman Awards 2023 Step back into the luminous evening of Electrosteel Casting's Jal Sevak Samman Award 2023, where the spirit of water conservation shone brightly. Join us in honoring the remarkable dedication of our water warriors, alongside esteemed guests including Padma Shri Uma Shankar Pandey, and awardees Prof. Abhijit Mukherjee of IIT-Kharagpur and Shri Arjan Basu Roy, Secretary of Nature Mates. #JSS2023 was a testament to our pledge to safeguard water, the lifeline of generations to come. Stay tuned for the Jal Sevak Samman Awards 2024!

Electrosteel Leaders Hail Jal Sevak Samman's Dedication to Water Warriors

Electrosteel Leaders Commend the Dedication of Water Warriors at Jal Sevak Samman Awards Witness the inspiring tribute from Electrosteel Castings' esteemed leaders as they recognize the unwavering commitment of the #JalSevakSamman towards Water Warriors, showcased at last year's #JSS event. Coming soon, Jal Sevak Samman Awards 2024!

Usha Uthup's Water Song at Electrosteel's Jal Sevak Samman

Experience the Magic of Usha Uthup's Water Anthem at the Electrosteel Jal Sevak Samman Awards Join us as we prepare to honor those whose tireless efforts have transformed lives through the noble cause of water conservation at the upcoming Electrosteel Casting's JAL SEVAK SAMMAN Awards. Get ready to be inspired! Stay tuned for more updates.

Celebrate Durga Puja in a unique way

To celebrate Durga Puja in a unique way, Electrosteel carried out a social media campaign to signify the importance of water. We recognized three women as Durgas of water conservation, who have been relentlessly working in the field of Water in India and we highlighted their journeys on our platforms. The objective was to raise awareness on the subject of water conservation and the role these women have played in protecting this precious resource. The larger goal was to inspire others to act to conserve water and protect our water bodies.

Electrosteel Castings Ltd and CII present the Water Tech 2023 Conference, New Delhi

Mr Madhav Kejriwal, Wholetime Director, Electrosteel Castings Ltd, delivered the welcome address for the 'Financial Sustainability and Successful Approaches for Water Supply and Wastewater Management' session, to an enthusiastic audience. The conference was held in Delhi and themed 'Transforming Water Management with Cutting-Edge Technology: Within & Beyond'.