X-mas and New Year's Greetings Video

December, 2021

With 2021 coming to a close,
we wanted to reach out to you in an innovative, personal and fun way
that represents the #ElectrosteelGroup spirit across the globe.

We hope you like our
Made In #Electrosteel, By #Electrosteel-ians video,
which spans 5 continents and thousands of the #Electrosteel family.

And we hope that 2022 brings you and your family
much warmth, love, light
and good health!

Have a great 2022!

ECL helps to develop a new international standard


Electrosteel has always been very involved in the process of development of International Standards. Experts from Electrosteel have played a major part in the development of many new international standards on various subjects like restraining length calculation, irrigation application, external coating protections, to name a few.
Recently a new standard i.e ISO 21052 has got the final approval for being published, which specifies the calculation method to determine the lengths to be restrained in case of an anchored pipeline. This international standard was developed by the WG21 working group, under the leadership of Cyrille Hahang, Managing Director of Electrosteel Europe.
This standard offers a solution to all engineers and consultants to have a safe and identical calculation method for all nature of soils and trench types. It applies to all locking systems and covers all diameters from DN 60 to DN 2600!
It took 3 years to draft and validate this new standard and will come into force by the end of November 2021. It will be available online on the #ISO shop and national committees online shops such as the #AFNOR shop.
Two breakthroughs of this new calculation method are:
It has been validated by 100% of ISO experts before being endorsed for publication.
It is the result of a winning agreement between France and Asia.

Taking the Higher Ground - Women Raising the Bar

November, 2021

The CII IWN Andhra Pradesh, had recently organised a Leadership Conclave - "Taking the Higher Ground - Women Raising the Bar".
Here is Ms Priya Manjari Todi-Director, Srikalahasthi Pipes Ltd speaking in it.

Limelight 1

Sep, 2021

Positivity is in our DNA

In challenging times, what keeps #ElectrosteelCastingsLimited going is the value that's the bedrock of our DNA: Positivity.
Let's take a look at the challenges we faced as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. And how our positivity met them head on.

Limelight 2

August, 2021

Ashutosh Agarwal, Executive Director, Group Finance and Sabarna Roy, Senior Vice-President, Business Development were recently honoured for their respective contributions to the fight against Covid 19.

They were also called 'Value Creators for the Nation'. At #Electrosteel, we are proud of our home-grown talent!

Thought Leadership

August, 2021

Electrosteelians Sabarna Roy, and Kaustav Ray Chaudhury, have co-authored 'Technological Trends in Water Sector for a Sustainable Solution', a technical book dedicated to young engineers.

The book describes emerging technologies in the field of water, wastewater and irrigation. It also includes topics on product development such as Polyurethane Coating and Lining on Ductile Iron Pipes and Ductile Iron Pipes in Trenchless Application.

Limelight 1

August, 2021

We empower innovators like Ashutosh Agarwal, which has helped us to grow rapidly in 90+ countries across five continents.