Diwali - 1

November , 2020

The #Electrosteel family has a strong responsibility towards the environment. This year, employees and their families were encouraged to celebrate a cracker-free Diwali.

Mr Sunil Katial, CEO and Wholetime Director #ElectrosteelCastingsLimited

Diwali - 2

November , 2020

Mr M K Jalan, Wholetime Director #ElectrosteelCastingsLimited

Diwali - 3

November , 2020

Mrs Radha K Agarwal, Officer on Special Duty, #ElectrosteelCastingsLimited

Pratibha & Pride Awards

October, 2020

In a glittering ceremony, spread over 19-21st Oct, the Pratibha and Pride Awards ceremony was held in our Khardah and Haldia. These awards felicitate performance improvement initiatives undertaken by teams from different departments within the Organisation, including top 10 Kaizens.

Poetry at its best

May, 2020

We loved it when a member of the Electrosteel family wafted eloquently on the Electrosteel way of life. The poem is in Bengali but we don't really think a translation is needed, such is the heartfelt feeling for Electrosteel - but just in case you want to know the meaning, here's a translation.

"Days passed and you are now older by 25 years
You must continue the journey, year after year.

Your voyage started, holding the hands of 'Bada saab',
And then came Honourable MD and JMD saab.

Lovingly they helped you to grow up and are so keen
That we should protect you through thick and thin.

It is 1959 when you started making Spun Pipes,
And in 1994 your CI Pipes converted to DI Pipes.

It is the workforce whose dedication helped you to grow
And it is you who will fulfill their dreams to grow.

You have become bigger physically,
But it is the Madams, who made you work digitally,
If during a break, you need refreshments,
Open EMPWIN and make comments,
Other social media platforms takes ELECTROSTEEL group onward
You participate, like, comment and share to take it forward!

I have never seen tiredness on you face,
Day and night you thrived to win the race,
Nobody can match you in satisfying the customer,
And this has only taken you forward and this far.

We have never seen you closed, all these years,
And the pandemic will not be able to instill fears,
It may temporarily stop production, don’t sigh,
You will surely overcome this with head held high.

You will surge forward for 25, 50 or may be 100 years,
We are all busy to achieve the dream and to say cheers,
We bow to thee with folded hands and feel,
You are the best in making pipes, you are Electrosteel."

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Innovation @ Electrosteel

May, 2020

Unconventional times need unconventional thinking! Check out this hands-free, contactless water tap developed at Electrosteel, during the Corona pandemic.

United in Aid

April, 2020

We stand together as one, in the fight against Covid 19. Whether its donating surgical masks and sanitizers or supplying food or food packets to the underprivileged - we tried to contribute in India’s fight against Corona.

International Women's Day

8th March, 2020

For the first time, globally, the women of Electrosteel collaborated to make a greetings video. A loud shout out on this historic occasion.