Limelight 3

Feb 2021

Our Senior Vice President Sabarna Roy, has been conferred the Times Business Awards ('Eminent Author of the Year') in a glittering award ceremony recently.

Limelight 4

Feb 2021

The much-awarded author of six critically acclaimed books, our Senior Vice President Mr Sabarna Roy, recently unveiled his seventh offering, 'Fractured Mosaic'.

Best Employer and Business leader of the Year Award

We are proud to have won two prestigious awards at the recently held World HRD Congress on the 16th of February, 2021.
a) Best Employer Brand Award, 2020
b) Business Leader of the Year: Mr Sunil Katial, CEO and Director, Electrosteel Castings Limited
This re-affirms what all Electrosteel-ians always believed in: Our company is the best place to work in; and our company is led by leaders the world looks up to.

Presentation to the Governor of West Bengal

The Electrosteel team was privileged to meet the Governor of West Bengal, His Excellency Shri Jagdeep Dhankhar and present him with a copy of the 'Electrosteel Special Stamp and Cover'. (We were honoured with the Stamp and Cover recently, by the Chief Postmaster General, India Post, on the occasion of '25 years of pioneering DI Pipes in India'.)

Chu Kar Mere Man Ko ('You Touched My Heart')

February, 2021

We have started an initiative - 'Chu Kar Mere Man Ko ('You Touched My Heart') - where employees are encouraged to share an incident that touched their hearts.
Here are some of them.
1) Pallab Bhatta
2) Rajesh Sharma
3) Shoeb Tyebbhoy and Radha K Agarwal
4) Atanu Chowdhury
5) Sabarna Roy
6) Samaresh Datta
7) Atin Dey
8) J P Jena
9) Arpita Banerjee

Release of Postage Stamp and Special Cover

January, 2021

On 10th December 2020, Electrosteel Castings Limited stamped its presence in history.
We were honoured with the release of a Special Postal Stamp and Cover on the occasion of us pioneering DI Pipes in India. The approval for this came from the PMO, via the Chief Postmaster General.
The Electrosteel Postal Stamp and Special Cover was launched in the presence of the MD Shri Umang Kejriwal and JMD Shri Mayank Kejriwal, along with the Chief Postmaster General, Postmaster General and other members of the Electrosteel family.
Electrosteel is the first Ductile Iron Pipe manufacturing Company in India (and probablythe first DI Pipe manufacturer in the world) to be honoured with a postal stamp.
What started off as a Cast Iron pipe manufacturing facility five decades back, has metamorphosed into a true Indian multinational, spanning 5 continents and 90+ countries across the globe. Steadfast on our mission of “carrying life to people, safe drinking water for all”, our pipelines have been a lifeline for millions. On the occasion of being honoured with this Special Postage Stamp and Cover, we pledge to continue to serve our nation and the world, both during this COVID 19 pandemic and in the dawn of a bright future that follows.

With Love Grandma Timeless Remedies

December, 2020

A name that evokes warm hugs and sweet memories. As the cuddler, the friend and even the home doctor, she conjures fond remembrances. She was the one who had a lifetime’s worth of cures for things that ailed us. Be it from the special jars tucked away in a corner of the kitchen or from deep in the recess of her memories, all her remedies were completely natural and coated with her special ingredient - love.
This e-book is not just a collection of how common ailments are naturally treated around the world. It is a collaboration of Electrosteelians around the world digging deep into their memories, connecting with their grandmothers and sending us their own authentic, exotic and unique remedies. What we also have are heartwarming tales which are sure to leave you with a warm smile and a moist eye. This book is our homage to all grandmothers around the world. Thank you for all the tender loving care. We are truly blessed.

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